Airport Electrical has produced a set of free Guidelines which can be used to develop a Specification for Regional Airports who wish to undertake a simple upgrade of the Aerodrome Ground Lighting. This is a good starting point for any Airport and with permission, may be used freely without encumbrance. Simply request the Word Document via Email and we will send you a copy. Email

As a company we have no ties to any particular manufacturer and choose products based on their suitability, cost, support and 40 years experience in the field. We look to continually improve what we do and review new products as they become available.

Below is our Airport Lighting Options chart. Select the link to open the document. Please print this on A3 paper to easily read the comments.

The clouded lines show the options chosen and the options detailed in the Guidelines we will send you.

Airports are free to pick and choose whatever fittings and installation techniques they desire. This is a simple guide only. You don’t have to follow it.

Any feed back will be welcomed. Please contact me

Phil Robinson



/content//web page AGL Options Base level for country aerodromes 2020.pdf