Broken Hill Airport

May 2017 Broken Hill Airport 12 monthly Technical Inspection

Carried out 12 monthly Technical Inspection of the AGL equipment as per CASR 139.235-1. & CASR 139.240-2(b)

Provided condition assessment report of all AGL equipment.

Reviewed compliance of AGL equipment and provided written statement for inclusion in the Aerodrome Manual.

Levelled and cleaned TVASIS boxes.

Inspected Runway and Taxiway Lighting.

Tested photometric performance of Apron Floodlighting.

Reviewed the Aerodrome Manual and offered suggested improvements.

Made recommendations to improve reliability of AGL system and rectify any Non-compliances.

Provided budgetary pricing for future upgrades


October 1985/6 Installation of TVASIS boxes.

As part of the Government funded upgrade of Broken Hill Airport I was one of the team members who installed the TVASIS boxes and the Stage 2 Airport Lighting Control system at Broken Hill Airport.

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