Hobart International Airport

September 2004 Hobart Airport - Prodive Specification for the Provision of High and Medium Intensity Threshold End lights and Series Isolation Transformers (SITs)

Draft documentation based on clients request and quantities

Document lighting standards and requirements that need to be met.

Review tenders from AGL suppliers

March 2005 Hobart Airport - Design and assist HIA with the Installation of High and Medium Intensity Threshold and End Lighting, 

Design MOS compliant CAT1 and MI Threshold Lights

Assist HIA staff to set up and install Inset Light bases.

Connect and commission lighting.

June 2006 Hobart Airport - Scoping study on possible options for relocation of the Airport Lighting Equipment Room (ALER)

Review current AGL circuits and cable routes.

Review Masterplan and pick suitable sites for new ALER

Provide budget estimates for each and every option.

Provide options on how to achieve changeover without loss of lighting.

February 2007 Hobart Airport - Audit and Condition assessment of Airfield Ground Lighting

Undertake 12 monthly Technical Inspection of the AGL equipment as per CASR 139.235-1. & CASR 139.240-2(b)

Provided condition assessment of all AGL equipment.

Reviewed compliance of AGL equipment and provided written report for inclusion in the Aerodrome Manual.

Reviewed the Aerodrome Manual and offered suggested improvements.

Made recommendations to improve reliability of AGL system and rectify any Non-compliances.

Provided budgetary pricing for future upgrades

NOTE this report was used to achieve funding for the complete replacement of the AGL facilities at Hobart Airport.

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