Launceston Airport

March 2005 Launceston Airport - Audit and Condition assessment of Airfield Ground Lighting

Carried out 12 monthly Technical Inspection of the AGL equipment as per CASR 139.235-1. & CASR 139.240-2(b)

Provided condition assessment report of all AGL equipment.

Althought the AGL equipment installed was very well maintained it had come to the end of its serviceable life as spare parts were becoming harder to obtain.

Reviewed compliance of AGL equipment and provided written statement for inclusion in the Aerodrome Manual.

Reviewed the Aerodrome Manual and offered suggested improvements.

Made recommendations to improve reliability of AGL system and rectify any Non-compliances.

Provided budgetary pricing for future upgrades

Note This report played a fundemental role in achieving finance for the replacement of all AGL equipment.

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