Mount Gambier Airport

March 2013  Installation of Medium Intensity Runway Lights

  • Design a Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (MIRL) System with circuit redundancy
  • Installation of pit and duct system
  • Installation of transformers and 5kV cable
  • Installation of FAA style MIRL
  • Modifications to existing control system

January 2012 Mount Gambier Airport -Installation of Taxiway Centreline Lighting

  • Procure appropriate equipment for the project
  • Design taxiway lighting
  • Trench for installation of pit and duct system
  • Install primary cables and SITs
  • After overlay install taxiway lights

May-June 2004 Mount Gambier Airport - Installation of PAPI, 

Airport Electrical was contracted by the District Council of Grant to undertake the installation of Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lighting at Mt Gambier Airport. The project scope was for the design and installation of PAPI at both ends of the runway. The existing TVASIS system had to be modified to operate the newly installed PAPI.

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