Pt Augusta Airport

November 2014 Pt Augusta Airport - Weather Station for Bureau of Meteorology 

Airport Electrical were commissioned by the BOM to install a new power supply for their new Automatic Weather Station and to install power and communications conduits to equipment.

June 2012 Pt Augusta Airport - Relocate Apron Floodlighting for new Terminal Building Works.

Airport Electrical were commissioned by the Pt Augusta City Council to remove one of the existing 18 metre floodlight poles and reposition it in front of the new Terminal Building.

Additional was also installed to ensure the new Parking Bays has compliant Lighting.

The entire Apron Floodlighting was then tested to ensure the correct photometric performance

July 2006 Pt Augusta Airport - Royal Flying Doctor Hangar Apron Floodlighting Project.

Airport Electrical were commissioned by the Pt Augusta City Council to do the Design and Installation of Apron Floodlight for the RFDS hangar.

Six Floodlight towers were installed by Airport Electrical  and then fitted out with floodlights.

The photometric requiements were achieved.

March 1999 Port Augusta Airport - Installation of Low Intensity Runway , Taxiway and IWDI lighting

This was a design and construct project which included :

Installation of Runway edge lights
Installation of Taxiway edge lights
Installation of two Illuminated Wind Indicators (IWDI)
Installation of Pit and Duct system


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