RAAF Base Townsville

April 2005 RAAF Base Townsville - Audit and condition assesment of AGL equipment

Carried out 12 monthly Technical Inspection of the AGL equipment as per CASR 139.235-1. & CASR 139.240-2(b)

Provided condition assessment report of all AGL equipment.

Reviewed compliance of AGL equipment and provided written statement for inclusion in the Aerodrome Manual.

Reviewed the Aerodrome Manual and offered suggested improvements.

Made recommendations to improve reliability of AGL system and rectify any Non-compliances.

Provided budgetary pricing for future upgrades

August 2003 RAAF Base Townsville - Design and documentation for the installation of Precision Approach Path Indicator Lights

Airport Electrical was approached by the Carson Group to undertake this project for the Department of Defence and AAL. Project scope consisted of:

Initial design for PAPIs

Writing of specification for purchase of lights and Constant Current Regulators

Tender evaluation of lights and CCRs

Writing specification for installation of PAPIs

Writing specification for installation of new CCR control cubicles

All associated drawings

May 2003 RAAF Base Townsville - Design and documentation of Apron Lighting for Stage 2 works,

Airport Electrical was commissioned by Maunsells to undertake the design and documentation for the Apron Lighting component of the works. Scope include specifications, drawings, and tender evaluation.

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